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Pineview Reservoir

Starvation Reservoir

St. George


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Pine View Reservoir Utah
Bluff Marina / Cemetery Point
Willard Bay Utah
Willard Bay - North Marina
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Monte Cristo Snowmobile Complex
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Starvation Reservoir
Beautiful view of St. George, Utah
St. George Utah



Life is not about what you have, but the experiences you share with your family and friends. This is why at Club Rec we do everything we can to help create memories that will last forever. Our facilities stock only the newest and best gear in the industry, and we always make sure you and your crew stay safe while enjoying your time with us. With our convenient, on-site locations, we hope to make these experiences as easy as possible so all you have to worry about is having fun! We also provide different activities for every season so you can fully enjoy your free time – whenever it may be.


Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have and to ensure your group is comfortable with the equipment at all times. Whether you’re on top of a mountain surrounded by powder or on an early morning boating experience out on glassy waters, Club Rec can help create the memories your family will cherish.